“I was referred to Joy Moeller because I was suffering terribly from grinding my teeth. After working under her guidance, not only did I stop grinding them completely, but she determined that one of the greatest causes of my sleep apnea was that I was severely “tongue-tied.” She referred me to a dentist who performed oral surgery as a remedy. Additionally he helped me solve other contributing sleep apnea issues. Joy supervised my progress throughout. Working with Joy has increased the quality of my life tremendously, and I will be forever grateful for her assistance.”

N. Jackson

“I no longer have headaches, my sinuses are flourishing and healthy, I don’t mouth breathe…”

Katarina W.

“Joy Moeller, whom I had the good fortune of meeting as a result of an earlier interview, is a leading expert in this form of therapy in the US.”

Dr. Joseph Mercola
Physician and NY Times Best Selling Author

AOMT Case Study (Jan 2014)

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